Guide To Fluffy Beasts Who Hop A Lot

Thinking about getting a pet bunny? Daily Bunny provides you with some tips and tricks to make every bunny a happy bunny.

Hi, I Am Marko Schieffer

My father raised me alongside a bunch of rabbits. Now I just can’t get enough of fluffiness in my life.

I’ve got my first bunny when I was 3 years old. Now I’m 30 and have 4 pet bunnies living in our small apartment. I want to show you have to care for bunnies.



Pick your bunny. I’ve created a list of 16 most popular bunny breeds that make good pets. Check the bunny breeds list here.


Care And Grooming

Adopting a bunny does take some planning and love. You will find 6 important steps of how to take care for home bunnies here.



Every bunny needs a house. Indoors, that usually means a cage or a hutch, a playpen and a litter box.


Food & Diet

What foods do bunnies eat? Carrots and a whole lot more. You can check all the foods bunnies can eat here.

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